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The Russian Revolution, a Century Later

Срђа Трифковић

A hundred years ago, in the early hours of November 7, 1917, the Bolsheviks grabbed power in Petrograd. Within weeks they took advantage of Russia’s collapsing political and social structure to impose control over the country’s heartland. The result of the coup was a tragedy of world-historical proportions. A vibrant, flourishing culture was destroyed amidst a bloodbath one hundred times worse than the terror in France in the 1790’s.

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Do We Look More And More Like Jews?

By Nikola Maric

In so many ways I wish we did look like people who wandered for forty years before settling down in a desert. Some of my Jewish friends are joking about that and lamenting how these old Jews could not find a land below which there were some oil fields, a commodity that is still serving well their Arab neighbors. Oil is still being used for a variety of purposes, fuel being the most important one.

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