Why the Serbians Love Trump

Written by Dan Ciric, Editorial Board

Trump and serbs

For the Serbians, it is clear that Donald Trump is the hero of our times, and that the hand of God is on him.

Standing up to the Moslem Turks, Hitler, and Stalin, and even crooked Madeline Albright, when no one else could or would, and being mercilessly punished in return, the Serbs know by the skin of their own backs exactly what it means to stick out your neck and sacrifice for what is right and what is necessary, and to take the pummeling that this unleashes. Not only do they wholeheartedly agree with Trump’s perspective, ideas, and agenda, but this is also why, on the deepest of personal levels, they so admire Donald Trump. They understand and completely relate to what it means for Trump to have voluntarily taken on the utterly thankless role of leaving the comfort zone to inject himself into the maelstrom and save America, and unleash the fury of hell on himself and his family in return.

In a separate piece in this edition, the story is told of why and how the Serbians poured their hearts and souls into putting Trump over the top. This helped destroy the presidential aspirations of a Clinton Dynasty that bombed America’s old friends, the Serbian Christian people, in 1999, to give away Kosovo – Serbia’s sacred Jerusalem – to the same Moslem Albanian separatists that commit crime all over NYC and threatened the life of Rudolph Giuliani when he prosecuted them; who slandered and demonized the Serbs just like they tried to defame Donald Trump, and who did all of this to line their own pockets while advancing the criminal agenda of the organ-trafficking, drug dealing Albanian Moslem politicians in Kosovo and their brothers in the faith, the terrorist supporting Islamic faction leading Bosnia. The enduring Clinton legacy in the former Yugoslavia is an increased cancer rate due to depleted uranium from cluster bombs. Hillary takes the credit for urging Bill to bomb.

The adversaries of the Serbs have always been the same villains who loathe the United States and what America stands for, and who also stand against Trump and his ideals, most especially Moslem terrorists, who have bedeviled the Serbs for hundreds of years. No one knows better than the Serbians what it means to allow thousands of unvetted Moslems into your own country, and that the warnings of President Trump are not only correct, but in order to survive must be heeded.

From the presence of the first Serb in the United States at the dedication of the Washington Monument to today, Serbians have been second to none in their devotion to America. They were staunch allies of this country in two world wars, saved the largest number of Americans ever endangered behind enemy lines (the Haylard Rescue Mission of WWII), provided the United States with an outstanding number of US Congressional Medal of Honor winners, provided the engineering genius that NASA needed to take America to the moon, and, through the countless patents and inventions of Nikola Tesla, also powered and lit up NYC and the entire country with alternating current. The Serbs are much more than just Vanna White turning letters (although she too is half Serb).

During the Second World War, the Serbians were victims of the Nazi Croatians (always on the same team with the Moslems). These Croatians declared war on America, were on the State Department subversive list, and massacred hundreds of thousands of Allied and pro-America Serbs during the Holocaust, while also targeting for death the Jews. The Serbs and the Jews have always shared a common bond of brotherhood and suffering. A monument for the victims of the biggest of the Balkan death camps, Jasenovac, stands at New York’s Holocaust Memorial Park in Brooklyn. Harry Truman wrote that the contribution of the Serbian resistance to the Nazis was instrumental in obtaining a final Allied victory. Much like Serbian perseverance also helped put America’s new President over the top.

No one in the world was more disappointed than American Serbs when they saw the land that they embraced and which they love, the land of the free and the home of the brave, on the decline, and when politicians in the swamps of Washington abandoned America’s loyal friends to back the foes of freedom and the American people, the many faced but always deadly Bosnian Moslems, Albanian Moslems, and ISIS, linked together and terrorist governments all.

As disappointed that they were that America temporarily got off track, no one is more relieved and elated now that the train unleashed by Trump is already putting the country back on the right track. No one is more euphoric than the Serbs that we finally have the hero to make this happen, and to make America great again.

For the Albanian and Bosnian Moslems, who poured heavily into the coffers of the Clintons to defeat Trump and urged their people to all come out and vote for Clinton, they lament the loss of their escort and patron Hillary, and, despite her loss, have publically stated that they will nonetheless continue to be her deepest and most loyal friends. In Pristina, the capital of the southern province that they stole from the Serbs and now pretend is a country (Kosovo), stands a ten foot statute that the Albanians erected to honor Bill Clinton, on the main street that they also named Bill Clinton Boulevard, with a store next door that they named HILLARY. Many Albanians have taken to naming their children Bill and Hillary. They oppose Trump for fear that he will undo their inroads and stop the stream of Moslem terrorists making their way to the west. They idolize the Clintons for making it possible for their Moslem province to violently break away from Christian Serbia, expel hundreds of thousands of Serbs, murder those left behind, and destroy 155 Serbian Churches, many of them centuries old and world treasures. In lands fully and finally taken over by Islamic radicals, there is never room for Christian Churches and Jewish synagogues. Like the expelled Serbs, the Jews have also been forced out. The eternal and common bond of suffering continues.

Meanwhile, in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, still stand the ruins of the demolished buildings that the Clintons bombed. This is their legacy in that city – bombs falling on innocent people who were never against, never threatened and never attacked America, but instead always loved and supported the United States.

The Clintons are masters at turning villains into heroes and flipping truth for falsehood. Trump, meanwhile, come what may, utters the direct and plain truth, as the Bible advises (“But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No’. For whatever is more than these is from the evil one.” Matthew 5:37). Historically, this type of unvarnished and direct honesty has always also been a bedrock of the Serbian character, and is highly esteemed by the Serbian people.

In Melania, the Serbians have also found a First Lady that they adore. Dignified and beautiful Melania is the first foreign born First Lady since Louisa Catherine Adams in 1824, and also the first fellow Slav to ever live in the White House. She has shattered a ceiling. Melania teaches her son Barron Serbian and wore a Serbian designed dress during her speech at the Republican National Convention. In a gesture of support for the Trumps, a Serbian shoe factory in the Serbian half of Bosnia made and gifted a new pair of shoes to Melania, with the prayer and hope that Trump prevails and that she can wear them on the inaugural march. Much like how they feel about her husband, the Serbs are already in love with her, and look forward to Melania’s presence gracing the national capital and world stage.

In Manhattan, the vote was 515,481 for Clinton, and only 58,935 for Trump. However, there is one place on the island where Donald Trump and his entire family can always find 100% support, no matter what, and that is the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral on 20 W. 26th Street, where prayers for the President Elect will be said at every Liturgy for the next four years, and beyond, as in every Serbian Orthodox Church in this great land, joining millions of Serbian prayers throughout the world, and where Donald, Melania, and all of the Trump children – Donald, Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany and Barron -- who set such wonderful examples as individuals and as a family, will always be given a hero’s welcome.

2016 will be forever remembered as the year that Pennsylvania and the rust belt states went from blue to red. The Serbians made sure that they took out their paint brushes to make this happen. They thank the Good Lord that it did, and pray for His grace, protection and blessings to descend upon our new President, Donald Trump. They stand ready to stand by, uphold and support President Trump in every manner possible throughout his first term, and anticipate descending on the polls again in 2020.

Woodrow Wilson once told famous Columbia University professor and inventor Michael Pupin: You are a good American precisely because you are a good Serbian. By loving Trump and putting him over the top, American Serbians have proven that this is true.   

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