Main SND activities in the first half of 2009

1. Tuesday, January 27, 2009. Belgrade, Serbia
Presentation of Mihailo Pupin Scholarship Awards in Belgrade
2. Ongoing
Renewal of the Census of Serbs and Serbian-Americans in the United States
3. Ongoing
Updating and extending the SND database
4. Saturday, March 21, 2009
Main Board meeting, 2 p.m.
5. Sunday, April 5, Holy Mother of God Monastery at Grayslake
After Liturgy, Memorial Service for the victims of NATO bombing, by His Grace Bishop LONGIN; followed by the commemorative lunch and public forum "A Decade of Challenges to the Serbian Survival," to mark the tenth anniversary of the bombing
6. Sunday, May 3, at New Gracanica
Traditional St. George's Day morning picnic (details to follow)
7. Saturday, June 27, at New Gracanica
68th SND Congress
8. Sunday, June 28
Morning Liturgy by Bishop LONGIN, followed by the Memorial Service, and at 1 p.m. the traditional Vidovdan Academy